| My first shared 90 minutes post – featuring Tia Sinden
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My first shared 90 minutes post – featuring Tia Sinden

17 Nov My first shared 90 minutes post – featuring Tia Sinden

Feeling Inspired after 90 minutes

Today was my first day of the 90-minute challenge. It’s Tia here, though I’m using Megan’s profile to upload my post – just to make things confusing! I work for Jon as a marketing assistant and I’m taking over the blog today to share with you how today’s 90 minutes went.

Jon used his 90-minute challenge today as a one to one training session with me on a new piece of software he recently discovered. To know that Jon has chosen to spend his 90 minutes training me today feels great as I know he has confidence in me to learn new skills and wants to invest in me as a member of staff. Jon’s time is valuable as he is always in high demand so to get a whole 90 minutes of his day means a lot!

I am always excited to learn new things and improve my knowledge of social media marketing and the tools available to market most effectively. Being fairly new to the marketing industry I still have a lot to learn, so it was great to sit down and get to grips with a new and exciting software with Jon’s help.

After an action packed 90 minutes of questioning Jon and some of trial and error, I spent most of the day setting up the software and getting comfortable with the process. It’s so nice to start getting confident with a new tool which I will eventually be able to share with the others in the office. Having a new tool you can share with others is an amazing feeling when you are part of a team as you know you are bringing something new to the table.

I love the team I work with and we are always supportive and encouraging of each other so it means even more to be able share something new with them.

Following the 90 minutes I also presented the new software to my Line Manager Dani. After my 90 minutes of training I was able to answer her questions and tell her the game plan Jon and I had come up with for our new tool. It was a lovely feeling to see how excited Dani was to put things into action and also made me feel a valuable part of the team.

Hopefully now everything is set up, this will be a huge time saver and will help us promote our sites! Once it is in full effect, the software will give me and my colleagues more time to spend on new exciting projects to expand our marketing even further and continue to grow the business and the team.

Finding new software to help with social media marketing is always exciting when your part of a marketing team!

Sharing Jon’s 90 minutes with him today made me see how valuable the time is and I think the 90-minute challenge is a great idea. It’s so nice to see Jon excited to share new ideas with us after having time for himself to look for tools the business can benefit from. Having an MD who works alongside you every day is inspiring as it’s not how all businesses are run and it really shows we are all working together as a team.


Megan Carter

Social media lover who constantly (tries) to turn down chocolate in the office!

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