| Fully Managed Social Media Service
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Fully Managed Social Media Service

What does your social media presence say about your company? Do people look at your Twitter profile or blog and say, ‘WOW’?

Well, they should.

Our fully managed social media services allow you to have an impressive, industry leading online presence at a low monthly cost, low commitment and minimal creative input. It’s perfect for businesses who just want to focus on what they do best!

Whats included?

  • We’ll plan, research, write and publish amazing content confirming your position as an industry leader.

  • We’ll publish to each of your social media networks EVERYDAY with great content that builds your profile and reputation – and generates leads for your business.

  • We’ll build your community of new, targeted, relevant and engaged followers every month. The followers will be real and CHOOSE to follow you because of the great content you’re publishing..

  • We will interact with your followers, reply to messages and refer leads and enquiries to you.

  • Full social media setup ensuring that all your profiles are on brand and message.

Why Use Us?

In-house, Freelancers…or

Get an ENTIRE Team

Effective social media marketing requires a whole range of specialist skills. Our talented team includes professional writers, editors, social media managers, graphic designers and data specialists. When you choose to use our social media marketing services, you have access to them all! This means we’re able to deliver campaigns that your competitors can only dream of – at a fraction of the cost. Oh… Did we mention we’re part time ninjas? 

Get an ENTIRE Team

Imagine being able to apply the 80/20 principle to your marketing? What if you could focus all your resources on the 20% that you KNEW would deliver 80% of the results?

Don’t waste time or money on the latest marketing trend. Focus your time, effort and marketing budget on the 20% that’s going to give you the greatest value.

REALLY Stand out

Not all online content is created equal. Mediocrity will get you nowhere. We give you the skills, creativity and digital toolset to really stand out. 

Our expert knowledge, industry insight, enterprise level tools and editorial workflow will ensure that your content is head and shoulders above your competitor’s.