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we create digital exposure

Working from the ground up our targeted social media software will grow your audience daily knocking your competition aside.

Social Creation

Not sure what networks would work for your business? Want a head start opening a new marketing channel. From setup to graphics for your chosen channel we can help.

Social Growth

Want to grow your network the right way with ‘guaranteed’ results? We’ve built our own little tool to supercharge your following.

Fully Managed

We’ll do everything. Graphics, content creation, delivery and grow your networks turning them into marketing channels for your business.

Web Design

Fully mobile responsive site design at affordable prices that put you in control of your website.

featured work

We’re proud of every project we take on which is why we add every single customer to our portfolio.

Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to find. We created Plug My Social to ensure that all businesses have access to the power of social media 


Drive Social Results

Connect, Inspire, GROW & Convert


Before we begin any campaign we meet to discuss your needs and goals ensuring that our recommendations carry weight and are not just some ‘copy and paste’ specification.

Your competitors might all be using Facebook or Twitter but we want to make sure YOU use it in the right way.


Our team will work on your unique spec and make sure that your social media channels are doing what they should be doing.

We can provide everything from social graphic designs to the content that will be used.


Working closely with you our systems will promote your business long after the usual 9 to 5.

Content will be delivered without you having to think about it allowing you the time to focus on your business.

the complete guide to developing evergreen content

Accounts grown to over 1 million following


Social Media networks that we work with


Proven ways to make social media work for business


% Brand Focused

Digital Growth Hacking

We’ve worked hard to build a system to grow your social reach

Unlike most digital agencies who say they can grow your audience we know we can.

Our in house tool works to increase your followers every single day leaving no room for your competition to catch up.


latest blog posts

Not only do we love blogging we invite other experts to blog here too making sure you have access to the very latest in the digital world

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